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Promised Introduction

It’s been too long! Finally, I have a break from my MBA homework to post another in our blogs on Friesians in Michigan and the Midwest.

I want to elaborate on the promise of introducing you to Friesians up close and personal. During our recent interview with Janice DeBoer VerMerris and her sister Amy Kroll. We discussed their Open House that is scheduled for May 6, 2017. They will host the public for a great family day!  This tradition began back in the 1980’s when the DeBoer’s and others began to show off their stock for sale and stud services. It has since grown to be a huge event that attracts people from across the Midwest.

Spring is foaling season for Friesians in cold climate states and this year will be no different. You can expect to see beautiful colts, fillies, and their mothers when you come to the Friesian Connection www.friesianconnection.com Open House. This year it will include introducing Hessel 480, a majestic stallion direct from the Netherlands. In addition, you will see riding and cart demonstrations. Also included “in the price of admission” is a petting barn, ice cream social and beautiful acreage just minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. Here’s the address: 2685 144th Ave, Dorr, MI 49323.

An interesting trait of the Friesian is their relatively mild manner and people-friendly attitude. If you have someone in your life who is skittish about horses, this will be a great opportunity to help them overcome that. These horses actually approach humans and many crave affection. Someone will be on site who can coach tentative humans. Char and I have found many horse owners are pretty easy going and are willing to help you connect with their animals. This is true with Janice and Amy. We believe you’ll encounter, like Char & I have, the accommodating owners and majestic breed we enjoy so much.  Come and join us on the farm May 6th!