The Versatile Friesian

We love a breed of horses with a rich history that dates back to the horsemen of 500 BC. Although the Friesian is not 2500 years old, the descendants of ancient horsemen took great pride in the royal bloodlines and have produced this most beautiful, versatile, historic animal.


Historical Context

The origin of the breed is Friesland, a province in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. According to the Friesian Horse Association of North America, “Friesland is an old country. Around 500 years B.C., Frisians settled along…the North Sea. Frisian horsemen served in the Roman Legions… The [original] Frisians were seafarers, tradesmen, horsebreeders and farmers” (FHANA, 2017, originally from “Het Friese Paard” by G. J. A. Bouma, 1979). The “Royal Society ‘The Friesian Studbook’…is the oldest in the Netherlands…founded May 1, 1879” (FHANA, 2017).

Documentary Goal

This documentary will provide a brief look at the Friesian breed’s origin, its history, the import of these majestic animals into the United States, and the growth of Friesian ownership in Michigan. It will provide information on the lineage of some of the beautiful stallions, geldings, and mares owned by members of the Michigan Friesian Horse Club (MFHC). We plan to include footage from Friesian farms, with interviews, and footage from some major events.

Documentary Requirements

To help tell the Friesian story, we would like to visit Michigan farms and owners. We also plan to gather:

  • Archival footage
  • Historical pictures
  • Owner interviews
  • Information about upcoming events

This will include footage of grooming, horses in training and in their natural environment, and horses participating in events. We want to capture the rich heritage of the Friesian breed.

The Producers

C Grace Productions, LLC, is producing this documentary for broadcast initially by WKTV in Grand Rapids. We are a husband and wife team who support equine owners and related businesses. We are members of the MFHC, and also members of Women in Film and Video, DC.